marketing research and analysis
 One thing you noticed that they are doing more business than you are. You see them here, there and everywhere.

What exactly are they doing to get people talking about them when it comes to your niche products or services?

Are they offering or launching a new product or service that is so awesome which potentially can kill your business?

Or may be they offer something better than you do.

On the other hand, perhaps, they are currently suffering because of bad press and can use the moment to take an advantage of their credibility losses.
In short, you have to know what your competitors are doing, where they are marketing their products or services, what online strategies they are using to get in front of the eyes of the potential prospects.

Knowing the competition is essential so as knowing your own positions. Doing your website analysis and it's positions online can identify potential issues which need to be improved to achieve better results.

We can help you to do an extensive research about your website and your competitors and perform competitive analysis so you can compare and make some improvements in order be able to to give your customers better value and higher quality products and services.

Here is short list (but not limited to) of what we can do for you:
Local Market research
Competition research
Website inspection
Website ranking and performance analysis
Keeping an eye on your local online niche is vital for any business. You have to identify your position in the niche as well as positions of your closest competitors. That is done by researching, collecting and analyzing the data of your own website performance and compare it your competitors' product and services.

You may have noticed that your closest competition is up to things. But what sort of things? It’s hard to say.
Research & Analysis