mobile marketing
 Mobile marketing has been around for quite sometime primarily via Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and the usual banner ads.

However, there's so much more potential to be unlocked.

The base of of mobile marketing campaigns are similar to online, e-mail and direct marketing that is:

All of this translates into additional business and increased ROI.
Mobile marketing is growing in popularity by day and so it's potential.

Simply having an optimized-for-mobile website is not enough.
Local businesses need to be thinking about mobile apps, claiming and monitoring their profiles on Yelp and other similar sites, using location based services for check-ins, traffic and sales drivers.
We can help you to build a highly effective powerful mobile marketing system you can use for years to come.

Here is short list (but not limited to) of how you can use mobile marketing:
Make direct sales
Deliver special offers or coupons
Increase brand awareness
Generate a user subscription list
Boost attendance to events or a store
The mobile phone is the first truly personal device offering a wide range of ways to get in touch and deliver your marketing message to the prospect .

According to some research companies mobile advertising and marketing is 'The next big thing' in a way how businesses will communicate with the consumers.
Mobile Marketing