traditional marketing
 The traditional or "offline" marketing strategies are usually implemented via printed material, radio, television, networking activities or public events.

Besides the online marketing which is the primary direction of our services we can help you to develop and implement the strategies for offline marketing.

Quite often a combination of both marketing worlds may lead to much greater exposure of your business to your potential prospects which is turn may result in significant increasing your sales and profits.
We use four basic approaches when it comes to traditional marketing process.
It's planning, testing, implementation and monitoring which may involve:
Marketing research
Business and strategic marketing planning
Creating marketing campaigns for all available offline medias
Following-through, monitoring, tracking and analyzing results
We can help you work out a budget and determine most effective offline marketing strategies which will allow you to achieve the greatest results for your advertising dollar.

This is the oldest and most commonly used type of marketing majority of businesses of all sizes still pursue these days.

In some marketing industry circles this type of marketing is often referred as "offline" marketing as the opposite to the other type of marketing which is performed on the Internet (online).
Traditional Marketing