Q. Why do I need your services?

Professional consulting services are designed for those who want to grow their business but lacks an expertise or time to do it properly.

If you want to focus on doing what you know and do best, growing your business and making more money rather than learning the marketing then you need a professional services which can help you to create and execute effective marketing strategies.

With more than a decade of online marketing experience we can definitely guide you in the right direction.
We have invested years into learning online marketing so you do not have to.

Q. How much does your service cost?

A. There is no specific answer to that. It all depends on what type of services you request and what exactly has to be done for your specific needs.

The price range start from $200 for basic services and going to several thousands dollars for more advanced stuff.

We offer a professional consulting service and it is priced according to industry standards.

Q. How soon can I see the results?
A. It all depends of what type of marketing strategies are currently implemented. For example, classifieds marketing or some specific search engine marketing strategies can bring the results within few hours, while the results from other strategies (like SEO) may take some time to become noticeable due to their nature.

Q. Can’t I just learn and do all this stuff on my own?

A. Sure, you can. If you have learnt all this stuff and have enough expertise and more importantly you have enough time you are more than welcome to do it all on your own.

If you have not learnt it yet but still want to do it on your own we offer a few Do-It-Yourself courses.

Just go to Marketing Resources section on this website and pick the DIY course which fit your requirements.

Q. I don’t have a big marketing budget. Can I still use your help?

A. We offer a few low cost DIY marketing packages for those who is on a budget.
Just look In Marketing Resources section on this website to pick the one which fits your budget.

If you still want to use our professional help we can offer you various service options so you can pick the ones which are easier on your wallet.

Q. Do you provide any guarantees on your services?

A. Yes. We guarantee our commitment and making your success our priority.
Our marketing services are based on proven marketing fundamentals which work for many businesses.

We guarantee to provide you with all knowledge and experience available at our disposal to get the best results for you as possible.

Q. I'd like to grow my business but I'm afraid that I may not get results I want

A. Fear is a bad companion in any business endeavor because eventually it will kill your business.
If you are afraid then take a closer look at where your business is today and where it would be few years from now. If you are satisfied with your current and future business projections then no action on your part is required.

However, If you are not certain about your business' future you have to be pro-active and do more to grow your business. Learn how to properly market your business or hire us to help you out. And you will get results.

Q. Can you guarantee that I can get specific results?

A. We do guarantee to provide you with a professional advice and can help you with developing and executing effective marketing strategies which will bring the positive result.

We build our services on common sense and use marketing fundamentals while developing specific marketing strategies which normally bring a positive result there is one thing you have to understand before you hire a professional marketing consultant.

Marketing is a process and not a one-time event and nobody can guarantee any specific results UNLESS there are some factors in place:

1. A proven and already working marketing system in place which is built specifically for your business. There is no magic "turn-key" marketing bullet which will work for each and every business out-of-box. In reality, it takes extensive testing, time, commitment and investment to develop an effective marketing system which will work for your business.

2. Realistic expectations. Under normal circumstances a conservative number would be 20-30% increase in profits in the initial stages of the process and growing over time. However, it all depends on your own commitment , efforts and marketing investment in your business. You can't expect a million dollars in return by tomorrow if you put very little efforts and invested only a dollar today.

3. Control over third parties involved in marketing process. You have no control over what they do and how they perform and for that reason it's very difficult to guarantee something you do not control.

4. Current market conditions and trends in your specific niche. Effective marketing strategies require a proper market research and testing before they can be developed.

5. The amount of commitment, investment and efforts you input into the process. At the end it's your business and you can expect the return strictly based on your own direct input.